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Habithèque worked with the Philadelphia Water Department and Urban Video Productions to create a series of short videos explaining the essential but often mysterious cycle of water use, treatment, and reuse in urban areas. The series starts with an animated overview, linking the natural water cycle that takes place everywhere on the earth’s surface with the water use cycle that cities like Philadelphia rely on every hour of the day. In clear language and with engaging animated storytelling, the videos tackle complex water-related issues like stormwater runoff, green infrastructure, sourcewater protection, and drinking water safety.

Interviews put viewers in direct dialogue with experts working with the PWD and the City of Philadelphia, and illuminate issues that are specific to the Philadelphia water system, as well as the more universal issues around clean water access for all.


Completed may 2018. 

Video editing and animation: Urban Video Productions

Project Partners: The Philadelphia Water Department, The Fairmount Water Works, Urban Engineers