Four billion people face severe water scarcity at least once a month each year, according to a recent study. Between groundwater (only some of which we can access through wells) and surface water, less than 1% of all the water on Earth is available to humans as fresh water, the majority of which carries measurable traces of contaminants ranging from medications to petroleum and poisonous heavy metals such as lead and mercury.

Access to safe drinking water will continue to tighten as the world faces rising temperatures and sea levels, further encroaching on freshwater systems. Basic scientific literacy about the connections between freshwater systems, energy production and the health of the biosphere is severely missing in our classrooms and in general public discourse.

Our exhibitions and experiences directly target this deficit of environmental education, working to build an informed and engaged citizenry by connecting the act of play with real-world challenges and choices. Our visitor experiences demonstrate best practices in sustainable design in both form and function, featuring nature-based solutions to the essential environmental issues of our time for a healthier future. Habithèque creates immersive and engaging spaces to demonstrate cutting edge techniques for water conservation, ecosystem restoration and renewable energy strategies—aiming to build public awareness of these emerging technologies while also providing a vision for scaling these advancements for global impact.