The idea for Tributaries developed during a visioning session to envision and strategize the next iteration of exhibit programs and visitor experiences at the Fairmount Water Works Interpretive Center. Habithèque brought together a multi-disciplinary group of designers, builders, artists, performers, and other makers and doers to work together to create a foundation from which to begin to revitalize and enliven the Fairmount Water Works visitor experiences. Activating the historic Kelly Pool was of interest to Victoria Prizzia and FWWIC to expand the thinking of project partners, stakeholders and the public about what the space could become in the future, serving the FWW’s mission to engage the public with our watershed. The event was a great success with more than 200 people coming out in the snowstorm to attend the performance and party. In 1962 the north end of the building was transformed into a public pool— the Kelly Natatorium was operational until it closed in 1972 after being flooded by Hurricane Agnes.

Tributaries Cast and Crew:

Composed and conducted by Craig Hendrix. Produced by Craig Hendrix, Will Blair, Brook Blair. Featuring Andrew Marsh, April Harkanson, and Jesse Moore. Orchestra: Sarah Gulish, Adam Hershberger, Glen DeGeorge, Bryan Rogers, David Fishkin, Joseph Getz, Will Blair, and Brooke Blair. Photos by Kate Devlin. Lighting and sound by Terreyl Kirton. Audio recording by Gregg Cornish. Videography by Justin Clowes, Jake Robbins, and Joseph Amsel. Costume design by Melissa D’Agostino. Stage Manager: Jasmine Kojouri.


site specific production of Tributaries, a Modern Cantata: Written and directed by Craig Hendrix, founder of The Agave Opera Company. December 2014. 

A live orchestra, three singers and a total transformation of a forgotten space, Tributaries was a site-specific, one-night performance held in the historic Kelly Pool at the Fairmount Water Works in December 2014. Lighting, projection, acoustic, digital media and site-specific custom art installations were focused on activating interior archways, historic walls, architectural elements and hidden spaces.

The overarching goal of new experiences like “Tributaries” at the Fairmount Water Works is to help visitors build a deeper awareness of water. Curiosity is encouraged throughout the newly enlivened spaces— building on knowledge as the visitor moves through the complex, providing opportunities for personal growth and action in an attempt to cultivate water stewards of all ages.

Habithèque led the envisioning, creation and execution of this memorable event.