Habithèque partners with organizations, firms and individuals to realize a project from concept to installation, expanding internal resources as needed to meet the specific requirements of each endeavor. The results are powerful interpretive experiences that provide relevance to the current moment within a historical context, grounded in the power of place. 

Thinking more like a film director than a traditional exhibit planner, Victoria Prizzia creates projects with broad and powerful intentions aimed to tap into the curious adventurer in every individual. For each project, she assembles a diverse and passionate team of makers, thinkers, doers and performers, to execute creative interventions, inspirations and experiences at the heart of where art, science and history meet. With the goal of increasing public engagement with the planet’s natural resources, Victoria works to blur boundaries between the public sphere and the interior foot-print of her institutional clients.




The Floating Water Workshop: A Classroom on the River is the latest innovation in watershed education to sprout from the Fairmount Water Works interpretive center (FWW). The Floating Water Workshop is envisioned as a 5,400 sq. ft. platform that will extend the work and mission of the Fairmount Water Works into the river and into the hearts and minds of the public at large.

The planning and design phase of this project was completed in collaboration with the William Penn Foundation, the Partnership for the Delaware Estuary, the Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University, the Fairmount Water Works, and the Philadelphia Water Department.




The Mussel Hatchery and Living Laboratory opened in February 2017 at the Fairmount Water Works in Philadelphia, PA.  The Mussel Hatchery highlights the critical role mussels play in improving stream bottom habitats and increasing water quality, and allows visitors to experience a real laboratory where our collaborators from the Partnership for the Delaware Estuary are breeding juvenile mussels to be re-introduced back into dozens of additional streams in the Delaware River watershed. By breeding mussel babies at The Mussel Hatchery and educating the public about how these creatures can improve the health of rivers and streams, scientists hope to increase their numbers and put them to work filtering particles and associated pollutants out of other area rivers and streams.



For the Love of Water Festival at the Fairmount Water Works provided a platform for ephemeral public sculpture—Habithèque collaborated with eleven artists to create pop-up experiences exploring water, sound and light.