We are thrilled to announce that the Habithèque Blue and Green Fund has been granted 501(c)(3) status!

The Fund was formed to promote and further societal awareness of emerging technologies and techniques for water conservation, ecosystem restoration and renewable energy while also providing a vision for scaling these advancements for global impact

The Fund will accomplish these goals through partnerships with designers, artists, scientists and others in the development of education-focused storytelling assets and experiences. These assets and experiences will be brought to the public in the form of digital media components and applications, museum exhibitions, public art installations, events and other public engagement interventions at the intersection of nature, art, science, innovation, and play. 

The overarching purpose of the Fund is to make the public aware that what we do on the land impacts the quality of our waterways and that we can learn from nature to help protect and revitalize our most essential resource— water. Our work aims to provide bridges between the built and natural worlds to help people learn and make informed decisions as citizens of a dynamic planet.

For its present and planned activities, the Fund anticipates that those activities will primarily be project-based multi-disciplinary collaborations. Protecting our rivers and streams is vital to a healthy and sustainable future for all living things. We are all deeply connected to the water that surrounds us.  Everything we do, from planting trees to cleaning our homes affects our fresh water system. The health of our rivers impacts the places where we live and work. 

Water is inextricably, if not always visibly, connected to the environmental and economic health of any region.  Although we know that protecting our rivers, streams and oceans is essential for clean water and our health and well-being, we often lack the understanding of the larger ecosystem that water is a part of, and the ways in which each of us can play an integral role in creating and sustaining healthy ecosystems.  

We see an exceptional place and time to develop technology platforms that will ignite the minds and curiosities of young people to become more aware of, and connected to, the extraordinary states of water— up in the clouds, within their own body, throughout the universe, in their backyard, under their city and around the globe.

The Board
Victoria Prizzia – President and Member, Board of Directors

Nella Bloom, Managing Member of Bloom & Bloom, LLC, a law firm in Philadelphia – Member, Board of Directors, Chief Operating Officer

Greg Belew, Principal-in-Charge at Hands On!, – Member, Board of Directors, Chief Financial Officer

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Victoria Prizzia