Interactive Education Center

13,464 sq. ft.

Completed October 2009

Located on the edge of the 212-acre Russell W. Peterson Urban Wildlife Refuge, this project with Interpret Green mobilizes environmental education to anchor a unique development project where the city, river, and marsh meet.

The site is open to the public year-round and features educational programs and a pond loop that extends into the marsh. 

Habithèque created a new exhibit space at the DuPont Environmental Education Center within The Russell W. Peterson Urban Wildlife Refuge. The DEEC is a 13,464 sq. foot multi-use education facility, located along Wilmington’s Riverwalk, a pedestrian walkway linking the center of the city to the waterfront and into the marsh. The DEEC features a visitor center, education programs, and elevated observation walkways. Visitors have an opportunity to explore the marsh along the boardwalk loop that links the Education Center to the heart of the refuge. The boardwalk includes overlooks and education stations that allow visitors to experience and learn firsthand about the natural environment (including the site’s native species) while minimizing human impact on the tidal wetlands.

This project was completed in cooperation with the Riverfront Development Corporation of Delaware, the Delaware Nature Society, the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control, and Interpret Green.


Project Partners:

Interpret Green

Gecko Design Group