An Otter Planet is a sci-fi multiplayer strategy game that unites science-based content and environmental awareness with adventure. The challenges and mechanics of the video game make use of real world nature-based scientific innovations and sustainable resource management and protection strategies that are applied by the player in fictionalized journeys through space exploration and planet cultivation.


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To build An Otter Planet Community, geolocation is used to define in-game position so that players playing in the same geographical region can connect with one another as well as to local organizations working on the ground to protect and revitalize our natural world. The general voice of the game, built-in game prompts, challenges and bonuses, encourage players to engage in real-life action and to make social connections based on shared interests and convictions.


In the game universe of An Otter Planet, Otters are the dominant species on Earth.  Having reached the technological capabilities of interstellar travel, we begin the process of expanding our reach and future to explore and inhabit the limitless galaxy.
Players begin gameplay as an otter intern, learning the basics of the game in a campaign/training mode. After accomplishing all of the challenges at this training level, you are awarded your own ship— an expandable and powerful intergalactic mobile hatchery. As captain of your vessel, you gain decision-making and hatchery abilities that will define the destiny of your ship and your crew.

The choices that you make during the campaign mode create the foundation and parameters of gameplay as captain. Your progress as an intern determines the types of challenges and tools you receive as master of your own hatchery. You can choose what skills to develop, what technologies to research and, ultimately, the type of commander you want to be.  Your training experiences are guided by you. Energy master? Water conservation expert? You decide! But be sure to make wise choices along the way. The game features dynamic world generation, distributing resources, species, biomes, and planets in a way that makes each mission unique.